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Be Kind to Your Future Self

Have you ever started something and shortly after you start you stopped, failed or got distracted? Haven’t we all? It’s a good thing that failures do not define our future, they are merely windows to lessons learned. If we can not learn from our mistakes then we are not growing as individuals. That initial stumble is what derails most people from their ultimate goal. That feeling that society has ingrained in our everyday, the feeling of instant gratification, can be a strong one to over come. Today most things are instant, convenient, and because of that it can make changing difficult. These habits you have found yourself in may not be all by choice. There are exercises both mentally and physically that can help you over come those obstacles. Mediating and yoga (or any form like it) can get you in touch with you inner most desires which will result in a patience that can endure hardships and societies grips. Making small deliberate steps towards a goal can lead to greatness. Each day provides an opportunity for greatness, don’t let it pass you by. We need to, as one entity, begin to do things for the greater good. The greater good starts at the center of you. Find your positive place, your center, from there you can improve your life. Once you are living your BEST LIFE those around you will begin to as well. The biggest impact you are able to control is the one you leave.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Seeds you plant? How does this pertain to starting? Well, it’s about putting down new, positive, DIFFERENT roots. Whatever you are looking to begin, these roots have to be different than the ones in place now. Roots that will be the foundation for your BEST self. The awesome thing about seeds is that they are small. The smallest thing that you do for your future self is a seed. Pack a lunch for work; you’ve saved money, most likely eaten healthier and you have saved mental space for other thoughts because you weren’t thinking about what you were going to have for lunch. That’s one example of what a small gesture for your future self can be. Learning each day is a great way to plant a seed that will provide a solid foundation. The easiest and best way to start the day with a positive gesture is making your bed in the morning. Making your bed in the morning effectively puts one foot forward towards a productive day, plus crawling into a crisply made bed is a great way to top the day off in my opinion. Start planting even the smallest seeds for yourself NOW, your future self will thank you.

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Keep it Even

Keep it even, be in control emotionally when life is difficult or negative but also when life is easy or positive. A frequency, a wavelength, it can spike up and down but will always return to an even, constant state. The distance it generates is its response from outside forces. Sometimes these external forces seem overwhelming, too powerful, and it’s difficult to remove yourself long enough to remember there is a center, a constant to return to. Being in the moment can strengthen your ability to return to your center. Get to know yourself, analyze moments, get comfortable with where your constant is, the more comfortable you are the stronger it is, the easier it is to return to it when external forces are derailing you from that constant.

In modern society’s fast-paced world we cross paths with people and ideas that frustrate while also derailing us off our even constant vibration.  Keeping that even constant center can be difficult without a strong rooted idea or tool. For some people, they have a person in their life that brings them back to center. Others use techniques such as meditation, deep breathing and other ancient methods that assist them in returning to their even constant. Have an even constant center to return to is a tool you can use to get you through the current moment no matter what is thrown at you. The other approach we talked about, having a special person around will allow you to take at that moment whether it be creating memories with that special person or teaching valuable lessons seen from 2 perspectives. These are only a couple of examples You can use to help KEEP IT EVEN. Use them in conjunction if you are able to. The more tools you have the more likely the chance is that you are going to stay even. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that having a person in your life to share with is a blessing, we all don’t have those people, so don’t take it for granted. You are choosing to have that person in your life, make the most of it.

Keep it even. What does it mean to you? To me, it is that idea that no matter what happens I am prepared to make the best decision for me to remain in my center. It means that I do my best to keep it in the front of my mind that when times are tough, there are brighter days ahead. It also reminds me that I need not get too high and mighty when things are bright, those falls are always the toughest.

Find your center, keep it even, 2 affirmations that you can use to keep a positive perspective on life. Start each day from the center, from an even position. A great way to do so is taking an extra 5-10 mins in the morning or even the evening and find your center. Some find it in the bottom of a coffee mug, others after 5 minutes of silence while meditating, either way, the end goal is the same.  Once you know your even position it becomes easier to recall that feeling it when need be. Live in the moment while being fearless in your pursuit of inner peace and don’t forget to KEEP IT EVEN.

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Yonder Meetup Havasupai, AZ

Incredible people mixed with an breathtaking landscape made one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The Havasupai, AZ Yonder Meetup orchestrated by the awesome Valerie Blocker and Benjamin Muth was one for the ages. From the moment I saw Valerie post something in on the YonderBuds page on Facebook I was ready! Time would go by as I would prepare a little bit more. Preparing for the 10 mile canyon hike in and out and gathering the essential supplies over what was about 7 months leading up to the meetup was as memorable as the actual meetup.

When the time came to pack up and hit the road I was so excited I could barely contain myself, I ended up being all tuckered out half way through the drive. Until I reached the 60 miles forest desert road leading to the parking lot where id leave the trusty Nissan Cube for the week. As previously stated I couldn’t contain myself and left quite early. Living in Phoenix, AZ I was only 4 scenic hours away from this beautiful paradise.  When I arrived there were a fair amount of cars and a few, what appeared to be abandoned trucks scattered about a parking lot on the edge of a cliff. As I wait patiently for more YonderBuds I find myself driving around the parking lot every 15 mins looking for better cell service to see if in fact more YonderBuds are on their way and how far they are away. I see posts of a few of the ladies having an adult beverage waiting to board their flight, good sign! As everyone starts arriving we find our spot for the night in the parking lot, as for sunrise brings the 10 mile hike. As people trickle in being flagged down by the Yonder flag we are all becoming friends instantly. I choose not to set up a tent and just sleep in my car, which isn’t very big but I figured id save time in the morning. As the night dragged on I couldn’t wait for morning light to begin the hike! Sleep wasn’t happening! Light breaks, tents start shuffling, car doors opening and closing and headlights fiddling about finally its morning and time to start our descent into one of the world’s paradises.

It’s a beautiful day on the 1st of March 2016, bags are packed, donkeys are loaded and we’re off! The closer you get to the falls the more paradise like it becomes. It’s an easy hike in/down, compared to the hike out/up. Once we arrived to the village, about 8 miles, we all had a rest and waited for everyone to catch up with each other. We, as a group, had to check-in together. As we descend the last 2 miles into camping area we go through the village, over creeks and then we begin to reach the falls. What an absolutely stunning site after another passing Navajo Falls until you reach Havasupai Falls. The iconic picture that you see the most is of the Havasupai Falls. After spending a few mins there we continued on a bit further to the camp ground scoped out the best spot for all of us, in the end there were 4 camp sites of YonderBuds.


(Video credit to Valerie Blocker)